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Personal data - We do not accept applications if seamen were not in the sea for the last year:
Full name: Birth date:
Marital status: Height (cm):
Children under 18: Weight (kg):
Birth place: Photo:

Country: E-mail address:
City: Mobile phone:
Address: Home phone:

Next of kin information:
Family name: Country:
First name: City:
Relationship: Address:

Requested rank: Available date:
Prefered vessel type: Minimum salary, EUR:

English level skills: Education:
Start year: End year:

Passports, certificates, licences:
Passport: Issue date:
Issue place: Expire date:

Seaman's book: Issue date:
Issue place: Expire date:

Other documents (LICENCE / CERTIFICATE ):
Document Id: Issue date:
Issue place: Expire date:
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Sea service (last 10 years):
Vessel's name: Vessels's GRT / DWT: Engine KW:
Type: Vessels's flag: Engine type:
Position: Sign on date:
Year of build: Sign off date
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